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The given site section helps the guests of Chernivtsi to have a walk round the city by themselves, to visit all the main attractions of Chernivtsi City. There is a route to Chernivtsi sights with the appropriate description of places of interest mapped our for visitors to track their tourist route. You have the opportunity to use GPS coordinate finder to facilitate planning your sightseeing routes.



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Chernivtsi Attractions


Chernivtsi Attractions: The Central Square


Chernivtsi attractions map: area А

GPS: 48°17'33.2''N, 25°56'7.2''E



The Central Square of Chernivtsi was founded on the initiative of Austrian Emperor Joseph II, who had been to Chernivtsi before and gave an order to local authorities to construct a proper square for market and fair organization. In 1787 it was decided to found a square in the southern suburb of Chernivtsi at that time, which performed the function of a central square.

In a year the square was created and the travelers of those times remembered it.

When the next Emperor Franz I visited Chernivtsi in 1817, The Central Square, by that time, was paved and covered with flagstones, so when it rained there was no such mud as before.  The pavement was laid and the square looked nice and civilized.

During the Austrian period the name Ringplatz, which meant “market place”, was confirmed.



Chernivtsi Attractions: Kobylyanska Street



Chernivtsi attractions map: area B

GPS: 48°17'29.1''N, 25°56'8.1''E


Kobylyanska Street is considered to be a showroom of European architectural styles. Legends about its purity exist till now. One says it was not only swept with brooms but washed with soap every day.

The earliest mention about Kobylyanska Street refers to the last decade of the eighteenth century. It was one of the city exits to the South of the present-day Molodiya Village. As the city developed in the southern direction, no wonder that at the end of the 80-es years of the eighteenth century, the construction began.

The present-day Kobylyanska Street, as a separate street which was called Panska Street, is first mentioned in 1793, though no pans (Sirs) lived there at that time yet. “Panska” – this name sounds a little weird. Why Panska? Obviously it was the attempt of the local Austrians to multiply Viennese names in some way, because one of the old streets of Vien is сalled Panska, though it is not remarkable at all.



Chernivtsi Attractions: The Square of Turkish Well


Chernivtsi attractions map: area С

GPS: 48°17'38.9''N, 25°56'21.8''E


One can have a good idea of Chernivtsi 200 years ago before the city became the capital of the Austro-Hungarian duchy, in Turetska (Turkish) Street.

In Turetska Street you can see the renovated Turkish well and still operating Turkish bathhouse.

The expressive eastern flavour of toponymy of Chernivtsi goes well together with the bridge roadway and humble facades of the old houses.



Chernivtsi Attractions: Philharmonic Square


Chernivtsi attractions map: area D

GPS: 48°17'40.8''N, 25°56'3.4''E


Philharmonic Square - is one of the oldest squares in Chernivtsi.

In due time residents of the city called this square Melplatz, which meant Flour Square. People used to sell flour products on this square. Before that it was a guarded area as in the end of the 18th century a powder warehouse, military barracks and even a prison took place here.

In the middle of the 19th century this place turned from a suburb into a central part of the city. The prison and the warehouses were replaced and the square began to look like a typical central part of a European city.



Chernivtsi Attractions: Theatre Square


Chernivtsi attractions map: area E

GPS: 48°17'30.9''N, 25°55'58.4''E

Chernivtsi Theatre Square is perceived as good music with its smooth lines and steady rhythms.

Before XX century, in spite of the magnificent name, Elizabetplatz (the Austrian name of the square), it remained a usual market square, where the citizens went to buy some food. The transformation of this market square into an impressive and stylish European square happened due to the construction of the new city theatre in 1904 – 1905 on this place.

The square in front of our theatre is called the Theatre Square. This means that it belongs to the theatre, that the theatre is the main building on this place. In 1908 the Jewish House and in 1912 the Trade and Crafts Chamber were built here. The present House of Officers was built before the Second World War.



Chernivtsi Attractions: University


Chernivtsi attractions map: area F

GPS: 48°17'46.9''N, 25°55'30.9''E

Built according to the project of the Czech architect Joseph Hlavka, the Chernivtsi National University is truly a masterpiece of architecture and one of the main attractions in Chernivtsi.

Its building continued for 18 years. Outstanding masters of different countries were involved in this building. This favoured unique combination of different styles and trends in architecture.

Why did such a magnificent construction, an architectural treasure which could enrich not only a provincial town of the eastern suburb of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but any European capital, appear in Chernivtsi?


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